By Eilidh Whiteford 

A new therapy is on offer at Body & Sole as the Stornoway beauty therapist becomes the first salon outside of Glasgow to deliver Hello Henna treatments. 

Currently causing a stir in the industry, most recently taking off in New York, Hello Henna eyebrow treatment offers long-lasting results from a natural, vegan product containing no lead or ammonia – and Body & Sole owner Iline Murray is delighted to be the only outlet in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands region to be able to delight clients with Hello Henna. 

“Previously we only offered eyebrow tinting which dyes the eyebrow hair.  We’d see customers coming back in every two to three weeks to have the tints re-done,” explained Iline. 

“The Hello Henna works by staining the skin beneath the eyebrows, so it’s great for clients as it lasts around seven to eight weeks.” 

Not just content to offer the Henna treatments for clients Iline – who is also a lecturer on the UHI hair and beauty level 4 course – hopes to train other island beauticians in using Hello Henna, as she continued: “When I first discovered Hello Henna I had a thought that this is the way things are going to go in the industry. 

“The cogs started turning then, and I thought if we’re the first up here to be doing it, why not offer the training to other businesses.   

“It’s expensive going away to training courses, between the cost of the course, travel, accommodation, kit and equipment, you can be talking about £2,000 to £3,000 at a time. 

“I hope to set up over time a dedicated training facility here at the salon and then we can train people locally and take that expense away.  I just feel it is what is going to happen anyway, so why don’t we help each other out a wee bit.” 

Often leading the way locally, Iline has focused on training and expanding the treatments available at Body & Sole – always with an eye on improving services for her customers. 

And last year the introduction of Derma-planing and Micro-needling therapies have proved life-changing for some clients. 

“The Derma-planing is an exfoliating facial where we take the top layer of dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’, the soft downy hair, off using a sterile scalpel,” Iline said. 

 “You don’t quite realise what the peach fuzz does to the complexion until it’s not there – you’re left with beautiful smooth glowing skin, fine lines appear reduced, and make up goes on flawlessly; it’s a great treatment for brides, and grooms, for their big day. 

She continued: “The Micro-needling sounds very scary – we run a microneedle roller across the skin to create teeny punctures so that the skin goes into repair-mode and creates new collagen and elastin. 

“It stimulates cell regeneration and it’s really not as scary as it sounds.  I was spurred on to do it as I’ve clients who suffer from acne or acne scaring and despite trying other things, I wasn’t able to get to the root of the problem and help them. 

“In training I had two case studies, a man and a woman, one suffering acne scaring and the other with pigmentation – after the second treatment there was visible difference in both, the scarred skin looking smoother and the pigmentation starting to fade. 

“They have both been delighted with the results and it’s an amazing feeling for myself, that I’ve been able to help someone overcome an issue that was affecting them daily,” Iline added. 

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Those interested in finding out more about the Hello Henna training opportunities at Body & Sole, please call to chat with Iline about requirements. 

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