This is the 10-year anniversary for CleanSquad – now based in Rigs Road,  Stornoway - which started as an one-woman band working from home.

Back then Karin Schouten wanted to do some work that fitted around her spare time, being a busy mum of two boys. 


During these 10 years the company has grown year-on-year delivering bespoke cleaning and laundry services to domestic and commercial customers throughout the Outer Hebrides.

The company is now offering employment to up to 50 staff during the peak of the season.


CleanSquad’s commercial customer base includes key local hospitality, transportation, service, pharmaceutical, production and utility companies. 


Many self-catering accommodation owners outsource change-over services to CleanSquad, trusting them to turn the properties over and present them the best they can be to the next guests.


“It is a specific expertise which we have refined over the last 10 years.”, Karin explains. “New accommodation owners often approach us for advice how to set up their property and how to ensure efficient change-overs.”.


Karin’s sons, Mike and Ian, now both work at the CleanSquad making it a true family company.


Mike, who heads up the operations, says: “CleanSquad is a collective of dedicated people who work together to make clean look great!”.

“This enables us to deliver our customers a professional and dependable service”