2018 has been a big year for Diane & Claire at Orbit Agency.  Having both run their own businesses from home since 2008, in 2014 they took the plunge and merged their individual businesses to form Orbit Agency and based themselves in a unit within Third Sector Hebrides in Francis Street.

This joint working proved to be very popular with their customer base and allowed the Orbit brand to grow and develop organically.

The next stage for the business came in November 2017, when the Orbit girls were delighted to gain more business space within the James Street office block and now base their social media and business support services there.

As small business owners, both Diane and Claire know in depth the challenges and opportunities that life as a small business owner presents. It’s a hugely exciting, educational, motivational and challenging life and this experience allows them to work alongside the small business community in the Outer Hebrides to help them grow their businesses.

One of their key products is “Social Media Success” and this is something that can fit almost any business.  Diane and Claire work with a business’s staff and train them up over a period of time that’s manageable to them.

They comment “When you have happy business people and staff who are fulfilled in their roles, generally you find that they’ve got quite a high rate of success – because they’re passionate about what they do, and they’re passionate about where they’re from and where they’re located. There are so many "lightbulb" moments as you use social media to develop your business.”

One of the businesses they have been delivering Social Media Success to is Willowglen Garden Centre, who have spent time learning about Facebook for business and have seen very specific rewards and returns for their efforts.

Richard Robinson comments: “I was worried about putting the shop out there on Facebook.  However Facebook has brought new life back in to the shop and the customers are waiting for our new posts and videos to come out all the time.

“If I’m out and about, they’ll stop me to talk about how much they love the page and the posts, my advice to any business thinking about social media would be don’t worry about it, just grab it and run with it!”