Stag Bakeries is a family-run craft bakery based in Stornoway with a heritage going back to 1885.

Although the business is now modern, many things have not changed since those early days with skilled people, traditional recipes and time-honoured methods still at the heart of every product that is made at the bakery on Cannery Road.

Stag specialises in producing artisan biscuits and snacks along with an extensive range of morning goods.

On the island, the bakery is probably best known for its Plain Loaf which still proves popular after all these years.

In addition to bread, Stag makes a wide range of daily goods including rolls, pancakes, scones, savouries and confectionary, along with made-to-order celebration cakes for special occasions.

The bakery still runs its mobile shop on Lewis too, providing groceries to customers in rural areas.

Stag also supplies products to the UK mainland and beyond with the Seaweed biscuit range proving very popular in these markets.  Launched in 2013 and taking inspiration from the bakery’s island location, the Seaweed Water Biscuit variety was awarded the Best Scottish Speciality Award and the Nigel Barden Heritage Award in that same year.