The opportunity to relax, recharge and return home feeling physically and emotionally rejuvenated is exactly what’s on offer with Hebridean Revival Retreats. 

Established by Karen Boyd, Hebridean Revival Retreats present an escape from the pressures and stresses of modern life, surrounded by the stunning scenery, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters of the Isle of Barra. 

“Our ethos here is very much that self-care is paramount to a healthy, happy, balanced life,” said Karen. “If we do not take care of ourselves then we cannot give the best of ourselves to others. 

“In this digital age we tend to get so bogged down with having to portray the perfect body and lifestyle when the reality is just so far from the photo-shopped worlds of Instagram and Facebook. 

“We are under so much intense pressure to look and live a certain ideal that our mental and physical health suffers as a result.” 

As an antidote to this fast-paced modern life, Karen ‘followed her dream’ to set up Hebridean Revival Retreats, returning home to Barra after living in Glasgow for a number of years. 

“Barra is just an amazing little part of this world, from the beaches to the stunning surrounding scenery, Barra has everything we need to provide clients with an amazing experience!” she said. 

“I feel very privileged to be able to share this little gem of the Outer Hebrides with clients and hope that they come and give it a try for themselves. 

“It feels wonderfully exciting and a little scary all at the same time,” she continued of her new business. “It’s been a long-time dream to get this business up and running and to finally see it manifest feel amazing.” 

Hebridean Revival Retreats offers its first week-long residential retreat next month (running from April 28th to May 5th) with Karen – a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and hand qualified beauty therapist – leading the way. 

Also qualified in metafit, metapwr, Fatburn extreme and as an outdoor boot camp instructor, Karen offers a huge range of activities within the retreats – and all activities can be individually tailored to suit a variety of fitness levels and abilities. 

With Nordic Walking; Circuit Training; HiiT Drills; Hiking; Running; Coasteering; Kayaking; Surf Lessons; Cycling; Yoga; Wild Swimming; Bootcamp Drills, and Beach Drills, there is something to tempt even the most sedentary couch potato outside and into the Barra beauty. 

Hebridean Revival Retreat clients also receive nutritional advice and education, and can choose from several wellness extras during their week-long retreat, including massage, reiki, reflexology, guided meditation and a selection of beauty treatments. 


With a maximum of eight clients per retreat, Karen offers an intimate and personalised experience; and with freshly prepared meals, made with locally sourced produce, luxury accommodation, plus expert advice on personal self-care, a Hebridean Revival Retreat really is a complete break away from the everyday grind. 


“As cliché as it may sound, my hope for the business is really to help people help themselves in adapting a new mind-set, lifestyle and their approach to everyday life in general,” Karen said. 


“It’s very difficult to verbally express just how good and rewarding it feels to watch people grow and really come into their own,” she added. “To help assist and motivate somebody on their journey to becoming their best self is truly an honour.” 


To find out more about Hebridean Revival Retreats – and to book a place on the April residential – please visit or call Karen on 07825997824. 


And you can keep up to date with Karen’s new venture via the business Facebook page ‘Hebridean Revival Retreats’.